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Maria Wells
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United Kingdom
Greetings deviants! My name is Maria, and I am a junior. I am at a school of choice now for digital arts, and am involved with the Chafe art center and gallery.
My art style is quite varied, as I can jump swiftly from anime, to gesture, to graphic work, from the wai-com, to drag and drop, to paper; though my heart truly lies with traditional media.
Our school does jobs for the businesses in our area, so much of my work is dictated by others. However, much of my own, leisure work, is expressive, and representative. I use my artwork to vent emotions. Images allow me to release my inward fears, sorrows, or joys, without having to expose myself or situation completely- it leaves room for interpretation, not to mention the ability for others to relate to the work.
I do plan to pursue the arts, either theatre or visual as a career. It fills my soul, and provides me, and so many others with a vital outlet for self expression, as well as a place of safety.
The ability to create and to express is extremely important to me, and the arts- visual and performing, have provided me with just that and more. Our theatre cast, and our design crew as well, is almost like a sergiot family for me- providing me with the support and relateability I need to continue my work.
You’re all welcome to ask me questions about my work, or ideas, or to request a drawing at anytime, unless I have specified otherwise in a journal. Strange as we may be, we are family, and I hope youll all feel as at home as I do among the arts community.

~.:Commissions and requests are currently open!:.~
good heaven. i cant belive this brochure thing started way back in september! well, just goes to show you, time can fly even when youre NOT enjoying what youre doing. in anycase, we have only three weeks left to the brochure! 18 days exactly, as of today, and i must say, this has been QUITE the experience... and i NEVER want to touch graphic design again. 
i hate it, i hate it, i hate it, i tell you! ugh, everything is just so linear, and geometric... not the best place for an expressive fine artist! aaand then there's the social part of the work... not doing that again either. there has been a REDICULOUS amount of unwanted and unneccicary tension within our group, over the most petty and unimportant things imaginable! on top of that, it seem to me that the near entirity of our class have become attention "hogs", if you will (im trying to watch my mouth...). it was complete foolishness. clearly, our group does not have the most spectacular dynamic. 
however, i shall not elaborate further, as for the time being, i am at peace. our teacher is out of her mind stressed, but when i look over everything we have done, there really is no reason for us to be panicing, given the time frame we have. the layout is done, the photos are going through their last few edits, we have the majority of our history page done... as soon as the administration gives us the rest of our content, we'll plug it in, and bam! off to the printer! im in quite a good mood myself. 
after the prodject is finnished though, because of the amount of time and energy it took, i would like to upload at least my part of the spread; so i'll take that up with our director. even if not though, i will soon be able to upload the "alice" and the "dream-scape" peices ive been at work on. ^^ wish me luck!

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